Work Experience

If you have just finished a university course, you might be starting to think about getting a full time job. However, thanks to the fact that the current jobs market is quite competitive, this might not be as easy as you think. One thing that does help is if you have some experience in the industry that you are thinking about working in – and this means that if you haven’t yet had any of this type of experience, it is vital that you try to get some. We have put together a list of tips that should help you to get the experience that you really need in order to excel at finding the job of your dreams.


Depending on what kind of sector you are thinking of working in, there may be opportunities to volunteer. This can seem frustrating at times, as you will want to get into paid work as soon as you can, however there are lots of benefits of doing this, and the main one is that you will gain the skills that you need in order to find paid work. There is nothing wrong with getting in touch with companies and ask whether there is anything available – the worst that they can say is “no”.

Ask whether you can shadow somebody

You might not be able to get actual experience doing the job that you would like to go for in the future, however you could try to follow somebody who is doing that job already. Shadowing is a great way to gain knowledge and experience, so try getting in touch with somebody who does the job that you are interested in, and find out whether there is any chance that you would be able to shadow them for a couple of weeks.

Use your contacts from your degree

Usually during a degree, you will be asked to complete some research projects, and this can involve getting in touch with people in the industry to ask questions. Often, you can build up quite a rapport with these people, which means that they might be happy to help you if you got in touch with them again. It’s always worth sending out a couple of emails just to see what is available, as you never know where this type of communication will take you.

Don’t rule out other sectors

If you are struggling to get the work experience that you need, then don’t rule out accepting offers from other types of work. While it might not be what you want to do in the future, you will still be able to build experience and get key skills that will be useful for you to talk about in future interviews.

Don’t give up

The main piece of advice when you’re looking for work experience is that you shouldn’t give up. It can often feel quite frustrating when you are rejected from positions that you wanted, however if you keep trying you will soon find something, and the job that you want will be even closer than ever.