So much has happened in such a short space of time, in my opinion. I have lived in my new house with new people for just over a week now and already, weve faced highs and lows, which is only inevitable really as its a big change for us all.
The biggest challenge for me, has been listening to the conversations surrounding food, gyms and weight. The constant obsession with working out or eating healthily, using scales or measuring hips. Is that what normal is, in todays society? Because if it is, then that attitude to food and our body image in general, is just as disordered as someone with an eating disorder.
As someone who is recovering from an eating disorder, I honestly find it extremely triggering. Its so difficult to stop certain behaviors when other normal people are practicing them every day. I begin to question whether I SHOULD be doing this too. Logically, I know that I cant but its almost as if Im jealous of the fact I cant go on a diet, or to the gym or cut out carbs (the list goes on).
Im also jealous of the fact that these women can go on diets and to the gym, and still fail at their diets when they see a mars bar. As much as I worry that everyone will develop an eating disorder, Im envious of the fact that they wont. Why is it that they can stop so easily, yet I (and some others) develop full blown eating disorders? Almost as if I cant even go on a stupid diet properly.
But then I do question the happiness of society. The diet industry is one of the most miserable places that I can think of.
Surely, we should be encouraging positive body image, healthy eating and moderate exercise? I have made a very good friend this week, who is seriously helping and encouraging me with this but its still very difficult when you are a) battling the attitudes around you and b) your own mind.