Postcard from Ella

When you are on holiday, you may have decided to send a postcard to someone you love back home. This may seem odd in the age of technology, when you can tell people exactly what you’re getting up to in the space of just a couple of seconds, however there are reasons that you should still carry on sending postcards if you can, and this page will talk you through some of those.

They’re fun to write

From the point of view of the person who is sending the postcard, they are very fun to write, and it can be great to take some time out from your holiday to reflect on everything that has happened so far. Writing everything down can remind you of just how much you have enjoyed your break, and it will make you happy knowing that you still have some enjoyment still to come.

People like receiving physical mail

In the modern world, there are hardly any people who still receive written mail. Nowadays, the only thing that we get through the post is junk and bills, and this isn’t personal at all. Even birthday and Christmas cards are becoming a thing of the past, with more people than ever before choosing to send a simple ecard or email to send messages to people. However, it is still a wonderful thing to get cards through the post, so you should send them to your loved ones, as this means that you would be the one who was responsible for their smile when they saw what had arrived on their doorstep.

You get a photo as well as words

On a postcard, you will not only be able to read what somebody has been getting up to while on holiday, but you will also get a photo of the place that they are staying, and this is great, as it means that you will be able to really imagine where they are. Not only this, but some of the photos that are used on postcards can be so beautiful that people choose to frame them, and this means that you are giving your loved one an extra gift that you didn’t even realise.

You can save all of your memories

In addition to sending postcards to your loved ones, it can also be good to buy some to keep for yourself, too. It is great to keep a card for each place that you have visited, and create a photo album if you can, as it makes a great thing to look back on in the years to come.

So, it is clear that there are many reasons that you should still send postcards if you can. If you are one of the many people who thinks that they are outdated, then it is worth making the effort to send them anyway, as you might be able to make somebody smile, and you would be giving them precious memories and things to keep that they can look back on in the years to come.