New Smile with clip on veneers

OMG- I have finally taken the plunge and I have gone for it. You may know that I have been thinking for years and years to make a change about my self. My loyal followers that have been ready my ramblings for many years know that there is particularly one part of me that I hate. Everytime I Look in the mirror it bothers me.
That niggle is my smile. Look okay I know my teeth are okay and some people have teeth like a row of bombed houses. But my front teeth are just a little bit crooked. Yep I know it may seem like nothing to you but yep it bothers me.

The truth is I just haven’t been able to afford the treatment from the dental office. It just costs too much snd I didn’t want to burden myself with the monthly payments of finance. We guess what, Ive don’t it. There is now a new thing and it is aligners at home. That’s right aligners clear braces whatever you call them you can have them at home.

So how did it work. You buy a kit and you get like a load of putty some trays and you basically take a mould of your mouth they do all this really cool stuff on the computer and basically you get different clear aligners that move your teeth bit by bit and then you have a retainer and the best bit is you get free bleach hey you ay swell whiten them too right. SO I got mine from a company called new york veneers. They make the best looking veneers that I have seen. I early went for aligners but I decided that I would get clip on veneers. They look amazing. I have brought them from New york city Clip On veneers they also have a facebook account hereI have done the impression kit and I am waiting for the veneers to arrive. When they’re here I will show you guys what I have. For now Over and Out. x

clip on veneers

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