New Beginning

Ever since Sunday, my life has taken a leap into the fast lane. I moved into my new house, unpacked my stuff and met my new, wonderful housemates. We have no TV or Internet (for another few days), which has meant weve had plenty of time to gel, whether its over a film and talking into the early hours of the morning, or shopping for deals in Morrisons! Apart from my best friend, Emily, I have become really close with another lovely girl, Hannah. Sharing stories is something I love. Its so fascinating, often developing new opinions and learning so much about ourselves as well as others.
As its Freshers week, I have also been making a huge effort to go out and enjoy myself something I find incredibly difficult but know I can enjoy when I just let go. We attended geek night as a household and had so much fun! Playing Ring of Fire, dancing, drinking this is what being a student is about and its the element that was missing so badly last year. I hope it continues!
I have also caught up with friends from my course and took a spontaneous trip into Liverpool to get my ears pierced again. I think living in the moment is something I am trying to indulge in, more and more. We spend so much time thinking about our past actions or what we will do tomorrow, next week, month or year. We forget to treasure the present day and before we realise, the moment has past.

We must learn to live right now