Life’s not fair?

Unless you have the perfect life, it is almost certain that you will have felt that it wasn’t fair at one time or another. Unfortunately, there is nobody in the whole world who has the perfect life, so this means that it will have been a thought that we have all had to deal with. However, if we are constantly thinking about how unfair our lives are, this can stop us from enjoying them in the present, and as a result of this we need to try and make our thoughts more positive, to help us realise that although we can’t have everything that we desire in life, there is still plenty to smile about. This page will give you some great tips about how to do exactly this.

Spend time with your loved ones

Simply spending time with those you love can make you feel better. You don’t have to do anything that costs money – something as simple as a walk in the park where you can have a chat can be all that you need to have the same effect. It will allow you to remember just how many special people you have in your life, and talking about any troubles that you might be facing at the moment is a great way to tackle them, as it allows you to feel much better about whatever might be going on.

Write down happy memories

If you are feeling down, it can be hard to remember a time when you were happy – so you should write your memories down as they happen. Keep a jar by your bed, and write about everything good that happened that day before you go to sleep at night. Even if you have had a bad day, you will be able to find something good that came out of it, no matter how small, and it is important to end every day on a good note, with positive feelings.

Set realistic goals

Goal setting is something that we should all do in life, as it allows us to feel as though we have something that we are working towards. However, if we are always setting goals for ourselves that we will struggle to achieve, it can be demotivating, and for this reason you should set goals that you have a realistic chance of achieving. This is because it can give us a huge boost to our self-esteem to hit a goal, so if you make sure that yours are achievable, you can be certain that they will have the right effect. Of course you shouldn’t make them too easy, as a challenge is good – just don’t make them impossible!

You should find that, over time, thanks to the fact that you have actively started to try thinking positively, it becomes easier to do so. This means that your overall outlook to life will improve, and you will be happier because you find it easier to enjoy the good moments that happen in life rather than focussing on the bad.