Almost all of us will have had the experience of losing our keys at some point in the past, and it can be very frustrating indeed – particularly if you know that you are waiting to go out somewhere. However, the good news is that there are things that you can do to help you remember where you put them, and this page will give you some great tips to ensure that you can always put your hands to your keys whenever you need to.

Set aside a specific place where you will put your keys

As soon as you walk in through the door, you should have a place where your keys go – as this means that you will know exactly where they are every time, without even having to look for them. If you are lifting things out of the car, don’t fall for the temptation of putting your keys down and putting them where they should be later on, as there is a high chance that you won’t do this, and they will then be lost.

Keep your keys out of reach

If you have children or animals, then you may have found that they have escaped somewhere with your keys in the past, or put them somewhere where you can’t find them. To avoid this from happening, you should try to keep your keys in a place that cannot be reached, as this means that nobody would be able to interfere with them. Not only this, but it will also help to keep your keys safe from burglars, too, which is always an added bonus.

Always have a spare

It doesn’t matter what you have keys for, you should always have a spare somewhere that you are able to get to if you need it. It might also help to give a set to somebody who you trust, as this means that they will be able to provide you with a key if you don’t know where yours are. This could either be a family member or a neighbour – it doesn’t matter as long as you trust them, and they are close enough to bring you a spare key if you need one.

Buy a tracker

You can buy devices that you can put onto your keyring that will let you know exactly where your keys are at all times. If you buy one of these, then you will be able to access the location via an app on your phone – assuming you haven’t lost that, too! This might seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you are constantly losing your keys then it is something that could be very handy for when you need to put your hands to them quickly.

No matter how you choose to keep track of your keys, it is important that you do. Not only is it inconvenient to lose your keys in an emergency, but you also run the risk of them falling into the wrong hands if you don’t always know where they are – so from a safety point of view it is vital that you keep your keys safe at all times.