Instagram #21

If you enjoy using Instagram, then you may wish that you were able to get more followers, as this means that more people will be able to see the pictures that you post. If you find that you’re struggle to get followers on Instagram then the tips in this blog might help – and you should find that more people hit the “follow” button than ever before.

Post about what you know

If you post about anything and everything, then it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to get the fans that you’d like. If, however, you choose a specific niche and decide that you will post only on that niche, then people who hold an interest in that topic are likely to start following you. If you carry on posting interesting things, they might even share your profile, which will get you even more followers.

Post regularly

When it comes to post frequency, you need to be able to get the balance right. If you post too little, people are going to get bored, but if you post too much, you will clog up their feed, and it is likely that they will unfollow you because of this. A daily post is usually a good idea, and you need to make sure that it is quality so that your followers enjoy what they’re reading.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are what people search to find the content that they are interested in, so choosing the right ones is key. You need to find ones that link with what you’re posting, that are searched for often, and that aren’t already too saturated with content. Although it might be difficult to be able to find this balance, you will notice the difference if you do, meaning that you will get more followers and likes.

Interact with your followers

Often, if people are choosing to follow you, it means they are interested in what you are posting – and this means that they are likely to want to chat to you, and maybe ask you questions about what you’re posting. This is great, as it can get added exposure for your page – but it is important that you chat back if they choose to talk to you. This will allow you to appear friendly, and will encourage more people to chat to you.

Team up with others in a similar industry

Unless you’re actively selling something, people with similar accounts to you aren’t always competitors, and it can be nice to try and help each other out if you can. You may be able to link to their page if you post something relevant to them, and they can do the same to you. You won’t get all of each other’s followers, but should be able to increase at least a little bit.

No matter what kind of Instagram account you have, followers are important. For this reason, the tips above are valuable, as it means that you have the best possible chance of encouraging people to follow you and interact with your posts.