Dear Body

Over the years, you will almost certainly have had a love-hate relationship with your body, and you may have done things to it, through your diet and exercise regime, that you wish you hadn’t. With that being the case, there are lots of things that you should start to forgive yourself for – as it isn’t the end of the world. This page is based on what you might want to say to your body if you could talk about your relationship with it in the past, and you are certain to want to consider some of the points below.

Sorry for not getting enough sleep

Lots of people don’t get enough sleep, particularly when they’re young. There are many reasons that this can be the case, and one of the most common is the fact that we want to get so much done in our lives that sleep just isn’t an issue at all. Therefore, a huge proportion of us don’t get our eight hours. There’s still plenty of time to start repairing damage already done if you get into good habits now.

Sorry for pushing you to the limit with alcohol

We all know that being drunk isn’t a healthy thing to do – but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a state that the majority of us have been in at one time or another. If you ever went to university, this is something that you will almost certainly want to apologise to your body for, but there is still time to make amends. If you are still a regular drinker, then you can improve your health by cutting the amount you drink down to just a couple of nights a week, and make sure that you never get drunk. You can definitely enjoy a drink without having to get into the state where you can’t remember what you did the next day.

Sorry for not eating the right foods

This is something we’re all guilty of, and in the age of fast foods it is an issue that is even harder than ever to deal with. When you’re stressed, all that you probably want to do is eat either sugary foods or starchy foods – but then this can make you even more stressed, and continue the cycle in that way. Most of us don’t eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, and this means that our bodies are greatly lacking in the vitamins and minerals that we so badly need in order to survive. But, all is not lost. By making small changes in your diet and introducing the right foods slowly, you should find that you can improve your health.

When you consider the fact that you only ever get one body, it is clear that you should be doing everything that you can to look after it. Therefore, it is time to put the past to bed, and start getting into good habits that will improve your health in the future – you owe it to yourself.