Lots of little girls are named after beautiful flowers, and this is mainly because their parents believe that the children as just as beautiful as their namesake. If you know somebody called daisy, then you are certain to be familiar with the flower that they are named after. However, what you might not realise is just how many interesting things you can find out about the plants. This blog will take you through some interesting facts that you are sure to remember.

You will find them all over the world – apart from Antarctica

Daisies are able to survive in many different climates, and for this reason there are lots of places that you are able to find them. However, Antarctica is just too cold, so this is the only place in the world where they cannot be found.

The name means “day’s eye”

The translation of the name “daisy” literally means “day’s eye”, and this is thought to be due to the fact that the petals open right at the start of the day – as though the day itself is slowly waking up!

They show purity and innocence

The symbol of a daisy is often used to represent a certain amount of purity and innocence. This could go some way to explaining why it is such a popular name for babies – as this is of course what all parents hope their children will grow up to become.

The family of flowers was only recorded in the 18th century

Although there is plenty of evidence through art that daisies existed long before the 18th century, this is when it was actually classified and when the family was given its name. This was part of a huge process of grouping flowers into families – and even now there are new links between the different families that weren’t discovered in the beginning.

You are actually looking at two flowers

Although you can pick a daisy as one entity, in actual fact there are two flowers. Other than sharing a stalk, the yellow and white parts act independently of each other, meaning that they are very much two separate flowers as a part of the same plant.

You can eat daisy leaves

Not many people would think about going outside and picking a daisy to eat, however they are very much edible, and they are a great source of vitamin C. For this reason, some people choose to put them in salads. It may seem like an odd thing to do if you’re not used to it, but there are certainly benefits – just make sure you wash them first!

They can easily get out of control

You only need to look at a wild field to see how much daisies can thrive, and you should therefore take care to deal with them if you don’t want them in your own garden. They can survive in lots of different conditions, and spread easily, so even just having a couple in your garden could allow them to spread. That being said – they are a beautiful plant, so if you’re happy to let them grow, they could be a great addition to your lawn.